In-company training

Customized LinkedIn & Social Selling Business Training.

Is your team getting enough results from LinkedIn?

Since 2010, I have been providing interactive, strategic LinkedIn corporate training for various organizations and brands, at home and abroad. Helping executives, managers and employees successfully utilize LinkedIn for various purposes. I teach you how. Practical and immediately applicable.

For LinkedIn business objectives, you can think of:

  • Greater online visibility
  • More followers, more leads.
  • More conversations via LinkedIn
  • More customers through LinkedIn
  • Building authority position
  • Better understanding of LinkedIn’s capabilities
  • Positioning as an attractive employer (Employer branding)
  • Creating a strong personal or corporate brand
  • How to Use Social Selling Effectively.
  • Employee advocacy pathways (how to turn employees into ambassadors).
  • Write content that appeals to the target audience and also prompts action.

The duration and investment will vary by organization. After our introduction, you will receive a customized plan of action and an estimate of the investment. Support can be provided in both Dutch and English.