Keynote speaker

Looking for an inspiring Keynote speaker for your next (foreign) event?

Are you looking for an inspired and inspiring LinkedIn speaker for your (online) event? Book a call as the basis for a customized presentation perfectly suited to your event and target audience.

The amount of presentations we as humans attend on average is increasing rapidly. How many presentations have you seen? And how many of those are still with you in a positive sense? Chances are, the percentage of presentations or presenters you liked and remembered is less than 5%. That means 95% of the presentations did not have that impression on you. Pity, but reality.I provide interactive Presentations on various Sales & Marketing topics. Examples include: LinkedIn, Social Selling, Employer Branding, Employee Advocacy or “the Human Side of LinkedIn.

The latter topic is surely the favorite. LinkedIn is not exclusively B2B, nor is it B2C but it is P2P…. People to People.

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